Here's a list of the events run through our YouTube and Twitch communities. So far we have only two, but we'll be having more in the future. Check here for any statistics or other results.

CivBuilder FFA

Using the amazing CivBuilder website by Krakenmeister, viewers submitted custom civilizations for playing on Regicide FFA settings. See more on AoEZone and on Liquipedia.

  1. Low Elo game:
  2. Mid Elo game:
  3. High Elo game:

Saladin Showdown

The city of Acre is besieged by 5 crusader armies. Can Saladin defend his Wonder against the onslaught, or will the combined might of their enemies be too much for the Saracens to overcome?

A spiritual successor to the Barbarossa Brawl, the Saladin Showdown tasks you with defending the city of Acre from crusader forces. Check out the leaderboard for playthrough videos and high scores. Also see the AoEZone threads.

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