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I'm T-West. I make YouTube videos, mostly about Age of Empires II, and usually involving math or programming. On this site I'll post various things related to my videos. Feel free to scroll down and explore. Or check out one of my videos here:

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Feeling competitive? Want to join our A community of Villagers standing around a bonfire. community events? Or just want to sit back and watch? Then head on over to the Events page.

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Want to level up your nerd 🤓 skillz? Or are you looking for resources 📚 to use for your students? Then check out the math articles! We make math Fun Sierpinski Gasket! fun!

15log(1+F200) 15\log\left(1 + \frac{\color{fc6255}F}{200}\right) logbxy=logbx+logby \log_{\color{ffee00}b}{{\color{58c4dd}x}{\color{83c167}y}} = \log_{\color{ffee00}b}{\color{58c4dd}x} + \log_{\color{ffee00}b}{\color{83c167}y} 1+2+3+=112{\color{9a72ac}1} + {\color{58c4dd}2} + {\color{5cd0b3}3} + \cdots = {\color{fc6255}-\frac{1}{12}} 1+2+3+4+5+=112{\color{9a72ac}1} + {\color{58c4dd}2} + {\color{5cd0b3}3} + {\color{83c167}4} + {\color{ffee00}5} + \cdots = {\color{fc6255}-\frac{1}{12}}

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Need a map for your tournament? Something with Crazy Aoe2 units such as the Siege Tower stand on Mangrove Shallows. CRAZY settings? Or perhaps just a standard map that doesn't bug out? Then head on over to our Maps page.

create_object DLC_LLAMA {
  number_of_objects 9999
  min_distance_to_players 2
  max_distance_to_players 20
  avoid_forest_zone 2
  avoid_cliff_zone 2
Llamas surrounding a Town Center. Llamas surrounding a Town Center.

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Want to know how your You Are Victorious! ELO is calculated? Then check out our Tools page to learn about the calculation and use a calculator to explore DE's TG Elo algorithms.

Elo Graph

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